Triumph Genuine Parts

    Why compromise performance? Triumph Genuine Parts have been designed and engineered to work in perfect harmony with your Motorcycle.

    By using the latest cutting edge technology alongside an unrivalled obsession for engineering, Triumph Genuine parts will help to deliver optimum performance.

    Whether it’s your focus on the acceleration, the perfect line into corners or purely the exhilaration of being on the open road. We will ensure the bike responds and gives you the feeling you deserve.

    Service Parts

    Service Parts are pivotal in the running of your bike, with regular servicing recommended to ensure all parts are functioning correctly and safely.

    ·        Every one of our 30,000 Genuine Parts comes with a 2 year* unlimited mileage warranty.

    ·        All Genuine Parts are designed and engineered to the highest tolerances.

    ·        Triumph technicians have been given extensive training to ensure your bike is in the best possible hands at its time of service.

    Each part undergoes the same thorough testing as our bikes. You only get parts that have been designed specifically for your bike, giving you confidence to ride the way you want.

    *See terms and conditions

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    Tyre Selector

     Don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure the best tyres are fitted to your Triumph Motorcycle with our tyre selector.

    Make sure you maintain grip in the corners, traction on the more challenging ground and a smooth ride from start to finish. 


    Whether it’s the beat of a twin cylinder or the rumble of a Triple, make sure your Triumph Motorcycle always sounds and runs at its optimum.

    At Triumph we only recommend Castrol Oils which are completely in sync with our oil filtration system. By combining Triumph’s obsession with quality and Castrol's engineering excellence we can ensure we deliver the complete riding experience.


    All new Triumph motorcycles registered on or after 01.12.92 are covered by a 24 month unlimited mileage warranty, commencing from the date of first registration or the date of sale if the motorcycle remains unregistered.

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